The Best Date Night Ideas Near Me

Date Night

Do you want a fun, romantic date on your doorstep? One that requires little planning but helps create some lifelong memories?

Local dates are just as fun as faraway trips and can help you appreciate all the places you live near.

Whether it’s putting a spin on an old classic or thinking outside the box, here are some great day-night ideas you can try, anywhere, at any time.

1. Go on your first date – again

If you’re looking to go on a local date, why not reinvent your very first one? Visit the bar or restaurant you first met at, back when you didn’t know each other.

It’s a great way to reminisce about a beautiful time you both shared. What were your first impressions? What did you order? What did you wear? Perhaps you can even recreate those first magical moments once again?

2. Go camping

No need to trek through forests or up mountains for a romantic getaway in nature. Simply pitch a tent in your garden or green space, and you’re set for a romantic evening outdoors.

Make the night extra special by stocking up on your favorite snacks, drinks, and layers upon layers of cozy blankets. There is no need to plan the long trip home in the morning either; simply walk across the garden lawn!

3. Stargazing

Speaking of the great outdoors, one of the simplest and most popular romantic date nights is stargazing.

Set the mood by picking a local spot where the sky is crisp and clear. No need for candles – the stars will set the mood just right.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to know much about stars to get involved. Many phone apps come with great instructions and activities for you and your date to get started with.

4. Cinema or drive-thru movie

Watching a movie is an inexpensive classic date night, and the local cinema can offer you a lovely escape where you both can sit back, relax and snack out.

A great way to reinvent this is by visiting a drive-thru movie, where you watch classic films from the comfort of your car. These films are usually romantic, old-school hits which are a huge success with daters.

5. Bowling & arcades

Does either of you have a competitive strike?

At some point, every couple spends a date or two at the local bowling alley. There’s something goofy, childish, and hilarious about knocking over pins on a date.

This harmless fun can be furthered with a trip to the local arcade, where all pressure mounts on you to win your date a top prize! If all else fails, candy floss works nicely, too!

6. Take a class!

Local courses often run date night events, where couples try something new together. They’re fun, creative and both of you will (hopefully!) learn a new skill! Ideas range from cookery classes, pottery, painting, learning musical instruments, or even dance classes.

7. Outdoor picnic

A picnic is a simple, romantic date that can take place virtually anywhere. But the traditional picnic can easily be flipped to make it feel fresh and exciting.

For example, a late-night picnic takes very little to set up and can completely change the atmosphere. A few LED lights, a blanket, together with your favorite treats, desserts, and drinks, are all you need.

During the day, scout out a local pond, grass hill, or pleasant spot on the beach to set up your feast.

8. Date jar!

If all these ideas sound wonderful, and you can’t decide which – why not try them all? Many couples make a date jar with slips of paper inside with an idea written on it. Every date night, simply pick a random piece out and do the suggestion on it!

9. Gigs

Your local concert halls, pubs, or art centers might host weekly performances covering art, music, comedy, and more. Why not treat yourselves to a night out on your very doorstep, enjoying the culture?

10. Game Night

On your marks, get set, play! Game night is perhaps the most fun date night you can have, pitting yourselves against each other across some of your favorite board games. All you need to plan is finger food, fine drinks, and a great playlist. Just promise not to be a sore loser!