10 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Love

Why You Can’t Find Love

Love is something everybody wants to find. But making a strong connection, especially with online dating, can be difficult. And if you’ve ever had your heartbroken, finding romance might have lost all appeal.

But what if we told you there are 10 ways you can evaluate how ready you are to find Love and help maximize your chances of success?

1. What kind of Love are you looking for?

For some, Love is a long-term commitment to marriage and/or a family. For others, it’s simply finding someone special to spend time with, keeping things fun, fresh, and spontaneous.

Many people put this information on their online dating profiles. Ask yourself what you are looking for and if you’re open-minded enough to change plans depending on what your match wants?

2. Are you picky?

It’s difficult to fall in Love if you are too picky. People come in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities. No two people are alike, and no one is truly perfect – even you!

Especially if you’re tired of dating the same type of person with no real luck, why not relax your preferences, and change up the ‘type’ you usually go for?

3. Looking in the right places?

Whether it’s local romance or trying online dating, if you’ve hit a wall finding love, then you need to check out new places. New places equal new faces! Try:

  • Signing up for more than one dating site
  • Downloading different apps
  • Trying new local bars or nightclubs
  • Expanding your circle of friends with social groups

4. Forget the past and your ex!

Never let your past stop your future from blossoming.

Anyone who has had their heart broken may be reluctant to put themselves out there. But remember, past relationships do not define you. Obsessing over what went right or wrong will not help you in the present.

5. Do you love yourself first?

Confidence is an attractive trait to have in life, but especially in dating. If you’re finding it hard to connect with someone and make a lasting impression, perhaps you have low self-confidence.

If you don’t love and feel good about yourself, you’ll never feel like you deserve to be loved.

6. Take a break from dating every once in a while

Often it helps to take a break and get some perspective on things. Refocus yourself and plan short-term goals to improve mood and happiness, including:

  • Learn a new skill or hobby
  • Improve fitness and health
  • Expand social circle

When you’ve recharged your batteries and created time for yourself, you’ll feel more self-assured and courageous.

7. Are you making enough of an effort?

Online dating means you can match with lots of new people in your area. It’s important that with all this choice, you make a strong impression quickly.

Otherwise, people may un-match and ‘ghost’ you, dropping all communication with you. So how do you make great connections without seeming too keen? Try these tips:

  • Always keep the conversation active and positive
  • Reply promptly
  • Ask questions about their life and remember these details
  • Share details about your life

8. Research your first date!

The key to a great first date is research!

Research means putting time and effort into picking suitable, local romantic places which allow you both to get to know each other. A great first date creates a lasting impression and hopefully sets you up for future dates!

9. Focus on positives

While knowing what you don’t like in people can help find a suitable match, it’s not something you should solely focus on when dating.

People are attracted to positivity! It’s much more productive to focus on dating profiles and apps you like in a person than a list of No’s. Sell yourself as an optimistic, fun person to be around.

10. Gain experience

Some people find their true love at a young age. Others later on in life. Whilst not every relationship might end in romance, it’s important to recognize all this gives you more dating experience.

This is an especially important mind-frame to be in if you’re afraid of being dumped or heartbroken. More experience means you are better equipped for the future.