10 Relationship Questions to Ask

Relationship Questions

No matter what stage your relationship is at, reflection is key.

You shouldn't be afraid to examine a healthy relationship by asking simple questions. Even though everything might feel great, there could be areas to improve upon.

Especially with online dating, it's important to evaluate how you feel and if the relationship has a long-term future. Here are ten questions that can help you figure everything out at any stage.

1. My first impressions?

Making a great first impression is pivotal in dating. You want to impress and be impressed. Reflect on what matched you together in the first place.

  • Are they the same person as the first day I met them?
  • Have they changed, for better or worse? Have I changed?
  • Am I still interested?

2. Communication issues?

Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Ask yourself how often you talk to each other, and most importantly, if this is enough?

Long periods of silence harm any relationship, especially if one person feels ignored or lonely. Other times, if you live on top of each other, talking constantly can downgrade the quality of time spent together.

3. Quality time?

Every relationship starts with excitement, sharing experiences, and learning about your partner's life. Over time, it's perfectly normal for things to slow down.

However, never let things become too complacent, where you both hang out for the sheer sake of it.

Always ensure time spent together has a quality to it. Plan exciting dates for both fun and learn about them. Aim to create lifelong memories at every step.

4. Meeting in-person

With online dating, one thing to be aware of is meeting in person to see how the chemistry changes. If all your relationship takes place on a screen, it can very hard to work out where you both stand with each other.

Moving off-screen and speaking in-person is a big step and may drastically improve communication and how you see the romance going forward.

5. Long-term Commitment?

There comes a time in every relationship where two people work out to become monogamous or keep things casual.

This is an especially important question to ask if you want a serious relationship, with the possibility of marriage and more.

6. Showing love?

People's idea of love differs. Some prefer intimate hugs, kissing, or something more passionate. Others are subtle, holding hands, buying cards, flowers, or romantic gifts.

Whatever you're into, always aim to feel valued and appreciated. And that they feel appreciated also. This may mean remembering key relationship dates, birthdays, or spending holidays together. It might mean random signs of affection throughout the year.

7. Plans

Future-proof your relationship by asking important questions about yourself and your partner. Compare life goals and plans, and see if you match. For example:

  • Do you want to get married?
  • Start a family?
  • Move location? Go traveling?
  • Buy a house? Move-in together?
  • Where do you see yourself in 1/5/10 years?

8. Family relations?

Family and friends can play a huge part in relationships, in both positive and negative ways.

Some families are close and involve each other (and their partners) in all manner of events, including birthdays, holidays, and vacations.

If your partner's family bothers you, you may want to establish boundaries. This is especially important if the family in question is overbearing or dominating.

On the flip side, perhaps the family is incredibly important to you; and you haven't been introduced fully to these people? That in itself may be a cause for concern. Are you being hidden?

9. Social Circles?

Often, people in a relationship want to hang out with all their friends. You and your partner may want to mix social circles at some point.

You might worry about what happens if these people clash, or they might not like your partner. Does it mean you have to end your relationship?

Any tension or drama between these groups should not affect or involve you or your partner. If this is a potential concern of yours, keep social circles separate.

10. Common interests?

Worried you don't share enough hobbies or interests?

Some people discover they have little in common further down the line in the relationship; this may come as a painful shock, and they worry that they'll grow apart.

First, it's perfectly normal to have different passions. This can make your life together very interesting because you can teach each other. It also helps to have an outlet separate from your relationship.

If you're deeply concerned, why not learn something romantic together as a couple to bond over?