10 Signs He's Not That into You

He's Not That into You

Online dating means making connections is easy. But it's hard to know where a relationship is headed, especially if it takes place at first on a screen. Are they after long-term dating or a casual arrangement?

Maybe you're already in a relationship and are now feeling a little taken for granted, upset or confused? Here are ten signs to pay attention to when reflecting on your relationship.

1. Appearances

It's important to make an effort in relationships, especially with appearances.

This isn't about vanity. But if your boyfriend or partner doesn't make an effort, then it could be a bad sign of your relationship.

When out in public, if you feel embarrassed by his un-kept appearance, address this. If he looks grubby, messy, or unclean, he isn't taking your time with him seriously enough.

2. Ignoring you?

When meeting up, does he ignore what you're saying or doing?

Does he watch TV or stare at his phone? Mid-conversation, do you have to repeat yourself? Fighting for attention is a tell-tale sign the relationship is rocky, and changes need to be made.

3. Lengthy wait between messages

Men don't like coming across as clingy sending messages. But that's no excuse for waiting long periods waiting for a reply.

Waiting for harms, the flow of the conversation, and it isn't nice. You can't improve your relationship with silence. If your boyfriend is genuinely busy, that's understandable.

But if he frequently leaves you on' read,' bring it to his attention.

4. He talks about his ex

Talking about previous relationships is a big red flag in dating. What happened in the past is history and has the potential to spoil your present.

5. No Compromise?

Relationships are about compromise, on everything from decisions, dates to plans, and more. For a relationship to survive, both must feel valued. If conflict arrives, find a compromise.

However, if he is stubborn and never negotiates, this is a major sign your relationship is unbalanced.

6. Canceling

If he regularly fails to appear for dates or is constantly late, this is another red flag sign that your relationship is suffering.

Part of a healthy relationship is prioritizing each other and making time, not finding the time. Don't tolerate canceling plans.

If he has a genuine reason, you can forgive and make more plans. But if this is a regular occurrence, you're best cutting your losses and dedicating your energy elsewhere.

7. Embarrassed about PDAs?

For many lovers, public displays of affection are very important in a relationship – they help reinforce the idea you're a legitimate couple in public.

While some people are shy and won't like kissing, hugging, or hand-holding in public, you might feel neglected or unwanted if this is denied.

Men can be shy when it comes to expressing themselves – if PDAs are important, remember to respect what he's comfortable with. In time, he might relax his guard.

8. Is he still on dating sites /apps?

Often people don't know what their relationship is; monogamous? Casual? This can lead to a lot of confusion. This can be especially unclear with online dating because people join sites and apps for several reasons.

If you know that you want commitment, tell him so.

Afterward, if he still uses dating sites and apps, it's a clear-cut sign he's not interested. Better to be upfront and genuine about your intentions and expect the same in return.

9. Respect

Trust is a major part of every relationship. If your boyfriend is a natural flirt and can talk to other women in overly-friendly ways, this might upset you. So too if he is flirtatious on social media with other women.

If you feel insecure about his behavior, address it with him. Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect.

10. Breaking up?

If a relationship is in trouble, one or both of you might blame the other for it failing. Gaslighting is when someone twists events to blame someone else unfairly, such as blaming them for not making enough effort when the opposite is true.

Remember, always put yourself first. Your happiness and safety are paramount.