Discover the Best Sites for Discreet Gay Dating

If you've been thinking about starting your search for love or friendship on discreet gay dating sites for a long time, now is the time to start. Read reviews of the best sites and start looking for your gay partner.


Flirttender is a brand-new dating site that was launched last year. The site is open to people of all sexual preferences and very welcoming of the LGBT community. Members can take advantage of live chat, and those looking for discreet gay sites can rest assured that all profiles are private.

Steamylocals logo

Steamylocals is a five-year-old dating site for straight LGBTQ singles looking for connections from flings to long-term love. The site is a great discreet gay dating site, and memberships start at 29.50 per month as a promotional price for new members.

Adultfriendfinder logo

Adultfriendfinder is one of the biggest sites available – with over 80 million worldwide users. The discreet gay site is open to straight singles and the LGBTQ community – and prices start at only 39.95 per month.

Eharmony logo

Eharmony helps singles find long-term and serious relationships through a compatibility matching system – using a personality quiz that new members take. The site isn’t considered a discreet gay dating site – but there are options for LGBT members. Prices start at 65.90 per month.

Coffeemeetsbagel logo

A private and low-key discreet gay site for LGBT and straight singles that doesn’t allow you to search profiles – instead of matching you with compatible singles and providing a discreet and private dating experience. The site has over 11 million members in the USA and starts at 34.99 per month

This Is How You Choose the Right Discreet Gay Dating Site

Whether you’re new to discreet gay online dating or it’s something you’ve participated in before, not finding the right site for the experience you’re seeking is a recipe for disaster. With hundreds of thousands of discreet gay sites promising to be the best and offer the most secretive services – how do you know which one to choose? Without trying every single site out yourself (an impossible feat when you see how many sites there are in total), you can still work out what site is best for you – with the help of review sites like this one.

We Offer Online Dating Help to Local Singles

We know dating isn’t always easy, and we also know every dating site isn’t the same. Being on a dating site with lots of fake accounts, very few active users, or one that has lots of scams will only create a negative and disappointing dating experience. Starting with the right site can make the difference between having a good online experience and one you would rather regret. We provide reviews for all different websites, helping you make an informed decision about which sites to enjoy and which are best to avoid.

Discreet Gay Dating Sites

How You Should Use Discreet Gay Dating Sites Reviews

If you’re looking for a new discreet gay site or want to find out about one you have recently discovered, online dating review sites like our own are a great way to help decide which are worth checking out and which are better avoided overall. Review sites often have a search tool where you can check out individual sites and their reviews or find lists of the best sites for different dating niches – for example, “discreet gay dating sites”. Once you have decided on a site from the reviews, you can take advantage of a trial to check it out and see where things go.

Masters of Online Dating

If you haven’t tried online dating before or it’s been a while since you enjoyed a discreet gay dating site, even with the perfect site, getting the hang of online dating come sometimes be tricky. For example, how do you get someone interested and keep them interested in what you have to say? As well as helping you find the best sites to try, dating review sites are great places to pick up tips and tricks from online dating experts – and make your dating journey much more successful. From pick-up lines to conversation tips – dating review sites offer plenty of different and helpful advice.

Freebies Available on Discreet Dating Sites

The majority of online dating sites are completely free to join – but it’s not just joining that is free. While it does differ from site to site, the best discreet gay dating sites offer a range of free tools to enjoy on the site, for example;

  • View other member profiles
  • View other member videos
  • Explore on-site games such as hot or not and the like gallery
  • Some sites offer limited free messages
  • Like or favourite other member profiles
  • Upload photos
  • Create profile
  • Complete personality tests
  • Speak with tech support
Discreet Gay Dating Sites

Sign up for Free

It’s likely your sign-up for any discreet gay dating site will be completely free -, and the process shouldn’t take longer than just a few minutes. To sign up for free, you will first need to visit the site's homepage you wish to join. Usually, on the homepage, you will find a form to fill in to become a new member. The form will normally contain 5 fields requesting:

  • Your age
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your gender
  • The gender you want to meet

Some sites will have a couple more questions, but the first form is usually simple to complete. Once completed, you will need to confirm your email before accessing the member area and building your profile.

Chat for Free

Some discreet gay dating sites will offer completely free chat between all members. Still, the majority require users to be paying members before it is possible to send and, in most cases, receive messages from other members. That said, there are plenty of trials to take advantage of so you can receive the full benefits of a paid member – without committing to a subscription. If you want to make contact for free, on some sites its completely free to send winks, nudges, or likes to other members, to play hot or not and visit the like gallery and even save other singles as your favorites – while it’s not messaging it breaks the ice!


Find all the top questions here. Read now!

How Do I Connect with Singles on the Websites?

Discreet gay dating sites offer various ways to meet and connect with other singles on the site – the most popular being private messaging between two people. Don’t be shy to reach out and send the first message – you never know where it might lead.

Is It Possible to Find People into Discreet Gay Dating in My Area?

For sure! There are people from all over the world using discreet gay sites – to meet people in your area set your search location to the radius that works for you.

How Safe Are These Websites?

Discreet gay dating sites are as safe as any other type of dating site – very safe. If you have any problems with other members or anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable, you can block them or report them to the support team.