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Before you sign up on any dating site, you should ask how it will benefit you. If you want a break from the regular dating sites and want access to free dates and hookups, you should sign up freedating. If you want to explore new things when it comes to dating, fast hookups and sexual relationships. To sign up on freedating, you need the following information;

A valid email address

Your name, age, and location

Valid Postcode

Once you are able to provide the above information, you are free to start searching for dates and sending messages on the site.

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Freedating Features

Freedating allows you to chat, send emails and search for new dates on the site. Whether you need someone to have a fling or flirt with, you can find suitable partners. The site has an active photo upload session, you can also bookmark important chats and messages. The site is easy to use and you can make date choices.

Free Features

Registering on freedating site gives you access to create a free profile. With this profile, you can explore the dating site, find catchy dates and explore. One of the advantages of free membership is that it saves you from unnecessary costs and subscription fees. The website offers a rich database of people in different locations looking for dates like you. Browsing, chatting, and sending messages on the dating site is also free. With the free membership on freedating, you have access to resources ad posts on dating, building a good profile, relationships, and others.

Paid Features

Registering for paid membership on Freedating gives you access to standard tools on the site. For instance, you can block users and features you have no need for. This helps you streamline your page and make searching for new dates easier. Also, the ability to block users will reduce fake accounts from spamming you. More visibility is another feature of a paid membership on Freedating site. You are also able to maintain privacy on your account. These are compelling reasons to register for paid membership, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Freedating App Review

Freedating mobile app offers the highest quality when compared to other dating apps. The app has features that allow users to upload their pictures and profiles. It also matches dates and helps people connect with their favorite partners. You can use the Freedating app on your android mobile phone, the ios version is available. If you prefer chatting and meeting dates on your pc, you can also install the app on your personal computer. You can find all the features of freedating sites on the app.

Freedating app

Freedating Demographics

Freedating has only 26,000 members, which comprises 56.44% men and 43.56% women. So there are more men on the dating site than women. Freedating is free of gender bias, anyone regardless of their sexual identity can join. Although the site has more of straight orientation, you can also find gay and lesbian partners on it. The membership of this site is dominated by UK residents, but you can meet people from different locations. Men and women who are above 18 years and are ready for flings, flirting, sex, hookups, and dates can join. The site is open to young singles and older men and women.

Freedating Chat Rooms

Sending messages on Freedating chat rooms is free and highly effective. If you find a date on the site and want to keep the conversation between the two of you alive, the chatroom is a place to be. Instant chatting and live streaming, sending of pictures, nude videos, and other erotic messages happen in the chat room. From this point, dates can make hookups or sex schedules among others.

Anonymity and Security

You cannot view people’s profiles, connect with new dates or engage in discussions on Freedating site except you register as a user. Registering is not enough, you need a valid postcode to access the site, this shows the level of commitment the site has towards the security of users. There is privacy on the site and personal information that users fill is not in the public space. Messages and conversations that happen in the chat rooms are also encrypted, making it impossible for third parties to have access. Security on is something you can trust as your details and personal information is safe with them. Illegal access to it is impossible and such a step would require identification of the user. is a site you can trust for your information while you enjoy your exploration of the dating world. The site also respects users’ choice to remain anonymous.

Pros & Cons

The signing up process is simple

Searching for dates on the site is easy, you can narrow your search by using postcodes

Live chat, instant messaging and sending mails on the site

No hidden membership fees

Secure and private connections

Too many fake users on the site

A lot of irrelevant ads that nauseate users

Lower chances on meeting new people due to low membership

Fake photos, profiles, and descriptions on the site

Using the app is expensive, communication leads to a reduction in credits

Freedating Reviews

It will be right that Freedating UK is a free online dating service with no hidden membership fees or extras –LaceeMiller

The site is for real people who are really in love with each other and not really for matching - Lith Legaspi

Freedating is the site for you if you want to explore something new, it is an experience worth it - User

Experts conclusion

Freedating is not entirely free from downsides, but it is a good site to meet new people, try out new things and enjoy life. It also has fantastic features that enhance the overall experience of users. Summarily, it is a break from the norm, it gives access to new dates across different regions.


Is Freedating a scam?

Ans – Freedating is not a scam, it is a real dating site

Does Freedating have free registration?

Ans – You can register for free or pay for a subscription on Freedating.

Is Freedating good for local singles?

Ans- Whether you are single, married or an older adult, Freedating is a place to be.