The Latest HER Review You Need

This is one of the leading dating apps in the world for lesbians and trannies. We tested the app ourselves to help you get more ready and came up with this ultimate review before you try it yourself!

An Instruction to Your Sign-up Process on

On the first screen, you will be asked to indicate which gender identity you are, which include:





HER signup

Then you can choose from one of the countries you are based in, which is amongst 55 countries available. You can also choose to connect with your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

Afterward, you are required to provide:

Email address

Phone number with your country code

First name

Last name

Date of birth

A verified ID picture

HER Features

Just like many other dating apps, HER includes both free and paid subscriptions. Check out the following details!

What Are Included in the Free Features on HER?

Sign up with well-guided instruction

Access to customer support via email

Upload photos and complete profile

View profile and location of other users

Access to date ideas and blog

Limited swipes

What Are Included in the Paid Features on HER?

Sign up with well-guided instruction

Access to customer support via email

Upload photos and complete profile

View profile and location of other users

Access to date ideas and blog

Ad-free experience

Premium search filters

View who visited your profile

Change your location up to your liking

Turn on Incognito mode

Rewind profiles

Unlimited search results

View online members

Read receipts

Free boost

A Quick Rundown to HER App

HER is only available in-app version and not available on the web browser and mobile web.

Only 55 countries can access HER

No scams and nudity

It’s very straightforward to use

The app is modern, user-friendly, and easy to navigate

The members are respectful, and they don’t seem to show any nudity, exposing or revealing pictures on their profile

You don’t have to pay to download the app

This is an in-app purchase

HER app

HER Demographics

Age: All users must be at least 18 to use the site

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Bisexual, lesbian, transgender, non-binary, and queer

Marital Status: Single

Language: English – French – German – Spanish

Over 4 million users

HER demographics

HER Chat Rooms

You can message other members as long as they are your matches and friends. Unlike other dating apps, HER allows you to send a Friend request like what Facebook is doing. When the other partner swiped right on your back, you will receive a notification and start messaging them back. There is no option where you can text multiple people from the search result. You can only message them when you two are matched.

Anonymity and Security

If you suspect any inappropriate behavior, report them to the customer service team and choose why you decided to report this profile.

You can also report directly to if the issue puts you in danger. The team encourages you to contact your local authorities as well.

Scammer safety is also included in the Community Guidelines for all members.

Volunteered moderators are working hard behind the scenes to protect you from any unwanted circumstance.

You can contact any of their resources in the USA, Canada, and Australia, such as PFlag, Trans Lifeline, Black Dog Institute, and many more.

Pros & Cons

Guided registration.

No nude pictures and intimate videos pop up on the search results.

Profile information is complete and detailed.

Members are welcome to share their own stories.

The privacy policy is comprehensive and insightful.

Questions and concerns can be sent to the customer support team via email.

It’s restricted to some countries and territories.

Only available on the mobile app and not web browser.

Since it’s only catered to the lesbian and bisexual communities, those users who are interested in other gender identities must look out for another dating app.

No hotline available for customer service.

HER Reviews

Here are some real-life reviews from other members who used the app before. Take a look at some insights from different users based in the United Kingdom about their dating experiences:

“Thank you HER for giving me such a meaningful app to help me get over the darkest time in my life! Can’t live without it!”- Barbara, Manchester, 29

“Finally, there is a decent app where I don’t have to fret over scams or frauds or any straight guys whose only purpose is to insult me!!” - Christina, 28, London.

“My life has never been better since the moment I downloaded HER. I don’t care what any other people say about us! HER is the best!” – Cherry, 25, Edinburg.

Experts conclusion

This dating app is highly recommended if you’re looking for a handy and scam-free dating app to meet up with like-minded lesbians, bisexuals, or anyone in the queer community.

The user interface is well-designed, very easy to use and navigate.

Safety measures are enhanced to protect users from dating scammers, frauds, and violence.

Everything is well-guided, from the sign-up process to search filters and chatting experience.

Only people living in 55 countries can use the app for dating.

The pricing plans are affordable even though they should provide more functions for free users.

The registration is pretty handy and straightforward.

Most FAQs

Is HER a Scam Service?

No. It is not a dating scam.

Does HER Have Free Registration for Every User?

Yes, it has free registration for dating.

Is HER a Good Choice for Local Singles?

Yes. It is a great choice for local singles in 55 countries around the world.

We hope you find our HER dating app review useful! Download HER for free today and test it out yourself!