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Spicylocals quickly becomes a high-profile dating site in the market. It allows singles from all over the world to connect, chat, flirt, and embark on a dating adventure together. If you're about to use Spicylocals for the first time, there are some insights you need to arm yourself up beforehand. We will walk you through the sign-up process, chatting experience, pros and cons, security policy, demographics, and more.

An Instruction to Your Sign-up Process on Spicylocals

The sign-up form pops up on the first page when you enter Spicylocals. You will be asked to fill in the following information:

Your gender (man – women) and your preferred partner's gender (man – women)

Age (18 – 78)




Then you are required to confirm your email for verification. You only need to click on the "CONFIRM" button on the pop-up window, click on the "VERIFY" button from your email, and you're all set!

Spicylocals signup

Spicylocals Features

Just like many other dating apps, Spicylocals includes both free and paid subscriptions. Check out the following details!

What Are Included in the Free Features on Spicylocals?


Upload photos and complete profile

Send photos and videos to other members

View profile and location of other users

Basic filters and searches

Limited search results

5 free chats and flirtcasts

What Are Included in the Paid Features on Spicylocals?

Unlimited chats

View full profiles of other users

Big photos

'Looking for' info

Extended search

Premium support

Share photos and videos in chat

Satisfaction Guarantee is available with a 3-day free trial for those users who fail to match with anyone within the first 3 months of the membership.

A Quick Rundown to Spicylocals App Review

Spicylocals is only available on web browsers and mobile web.

By the time this review is updated, there is no app developed on iOS and Android.

Web browser version is clean, neat, and easy to use with no Ads or nudity exposed.

Spicylocals app

Spicylocals Demographics

Age: All users must be at least 18 up to 78 to use the site

Gender: Male and Female

Marital Status: Single

Language: English – Spanish – Italian – Dutch – German – French – Norwegian – Danish – Polish – Portuguese – Arabian – Vietnamese – Romanian – Malaysian – Indonesian – Japanese

Spicylocals demographics

Spicylocals Chat Rooms

If you're interested in any member from the search result, simply click on the "Chat" icon on the bottom left corner of their profile to start a chat. A small chat room pops up at the bottom right corner of the website. This is where you can send messages to them as well as photos and videos.

Anonymity and Security

Spicylocals reserves the right to store your information and data to provide the service for your seamless dating experience.

Spicylocals also collects data when you communicate with the Support team.

Details of transactions carried out are also collected.

Anonymous data and Cookies must be allowed.

Facebook account link is requested.

Location and Contacts must be permitted for access.

Your profile is duplicated on its Partner Sites.

Spicylocals has the right to send an email or social network invitation on your behalf, inviting your contacts to join the service.

Your uploaded photos are eligible for advertising and other commercial purposes.

Pros & Cons

Guided registration.

Live support chatbot is available and handy at your fingertip.

Hotline available.

Big discounts on pricing.

Satisfaction Guarantee policy is available.

Clean and neat interface design.

No nude pictures and intimate videos pop up on the search results.

Fast-loading website.

Accessible to all countries and territories.

Profile information is complete and detailed.

Like Gallery comes in handy to restore your matches.

Ability to match with members of the same sex or gender.

Affordable pricing plans.

The oldest age available to use Spicylocals is 78.

The location box during the sign-up process is not sufficient.

Payment can only be access by Visa or MasterCard.

Limited search results for free users only expand to a few members.

Free users are limited to 5 chats only.

Your personal data, information, history, and any action performed on Spicylocals are all collected.

Spicylocals Reviews

Take a look at some reviews from different users based in the United Kingdom about their dating experiences on Spicylocals:

"Very easy to use. All members can access the site for free but very limited functions if you don't pay, I have to say. But if you do, the pricing plans kinda makes sense, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to upgrade your membership." - Lisa, Manchester, 19

"Thought it was a scam like many other dating sites I've been on so far, but I was wrong. Very handy website in general. These people seem nice, and they don't send you nudes or inappropriate chats like others. Thanks for developing the site" - Kayley, 25, Bristol

"Would be better if Spicylocals builds an app also. Tried to find it on my Android but not available. Cheap pricing plan and easy to navigate. Fun to talk to the locals around me I didn't know before. Recommended? Yes!" – John, 39, London.

Experts conclusion

Spicylocals is highly recommended. It does exactly what you're looking for: a relationship with the locals.

The user interface is well-designed, very easy to use and navigate.

Everything is well-guided, from the sign-up process to the searching and chatting experience.

Live support chat and hotline are also available whenever you need it.

You can access the site wherever and whenever you want with your laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

The members are respectful, and they don't seem to show any nudity, exposing or revealing pictures on their profile.

Most FAQs on Spicylocals

Is Spicylocals a Scam Service?

No. Spicylocals is not a scam.

Does Spicylocals Have Free Registration for Every User?

Yes, Spicylocals has free registration.

Is Spicylocals a Good Choice for Local Singles?

Yes. Spicylocals is a great choice for local singles around the world.

Sign up with Spicylocals today and start meeting up with like-minded locals!